About Me

First, I want to thank my Number One Favorite Son, Jake, for all his time–and patience!–in helping me design my blog.  What a trouper!


I have always loved words.  Reflecting on my background it becomes obvious that, after college at least, most of my working life has involved the spoken or written word.  I have been a radio and television news reporter, a proofreader for two publishing companies, a radio reading service volunteer, writer for a public relations firm, and a transcriptionist for a university research project.  When writing as a career did occur to me I dismissed the idea thinking, “What would I write about?  Everything has been covered by now.”  As for a book, that seemed beyond the scope of my attention span.

Then a few years ago I needed an idea for a birthday gift for a friend.   I was searching the greeting card section at a grocery store when the illustration on a blank card inspired me.  The result was actually a limerick enjoyed by everyone at the party, including one who said I should put it on the Internet.  All I could think was, “Why?” and that was that.  A few years later, after writing what I call “goofy” poems for other friends, I received a book on blogging as a Christmas present.  My reaction:  “This I can handle.”  So, with the help of a friend you’ll meet in my first posting (and from time to time in future ones), I got to work writing articles for my new venture.

Material for thewitsendscribbler.com derives from everyday encounters with an often absurd world and my attempt to interpret them with an eye to humor and even wonder.

When not writing I spend my time reading (including research for my postings), working crossword puzzles, and, admittedly, watching  television, primarily crime dramas, documentaries, and old movies.  (Even these are often sources of material for my blog so TV isn’t entirely a waste of time.)

There is at least one book idea bumping around my brain but for now I hope you’ll enjoy what’s offered here at thewitsendscribbler.com.  Thank you for stopping by.


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