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Just about nine months ago (November 2011) was launched into cyberspace and I have to admit I’m enjoying my new venture.  Some of you have taken the time to post comments and, I’m happy to say, they’ve all been very complimentary and I am most grateful.  Actually, there have been many other comments but they’re not visible on my website.  They’ve been segregated by the “spam” filter.   Many of these also have kind words to say about and my postings and I appreciate those, too.  The problem is that they are sent from commercial websites with something to sell, hence the spam designation.

I don’t delete these e-mails out of hand but read each one—at least the ones I can.  That’s because some are in German, Italian, French, and Spanish.  I’ve even received one in Polish.  Back in high school I took three years of French and two of Spanish so I can translate the comments in these languages fairly well.  As for the rest, well, I’ll just assume the best and say “Thank you” for writing.


It’s a Guy Thing

The language barrier presents its own challenges, of course, but it’s the products themselves that create more than a little consternation.   By far the most common of them are Cialis and Viagra, the so-called “male enhancement drugs.”  It’s amazing to me that these products enjoy so much interest in the international retail market, at least on the Web.  I do a fair amount of shopping on-line so I know there are other things available for sale out there such as clothing, household appliances, and some celebrity’s half-eaten hamburger, among other things.  But why is it that most of the readers who end up in my spam box are so fixated on making such a big thing out of a male preoccupation?  Besides, while I haven’t made a point of identifying my own gender on my blog, anyone who has read at least some of my postings knows I do not nor ever will have any use for male enhancement drugs.  I’m a mother for crying-out-loud!



Which brings up another point:  Recently I’ve also received spammed material from wedding dress retailers.  Been there, done that.  And given my particular situation in life another wedding is not an option.

Probably all those Cialis and Viagra vendors should get together with the wedding dress purveyors on other websites such as and  It seems to me they’d have more in common with each other there than they could ever have with me on my blog.

Meanwhile, I’ve been receiving invitations from bookmarking services who want me to pay them to increase my Web presence and build my readership.  It’s something to consider.  After all, maybe then my blog would attract someone who sells something I could really use, such as an area rug for my living room or some patio furniture.



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  1. Really enjoyed this — lived the style and the content.

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