I’m Late, I’m Late

To those two or three fans out there who read my blog regularly my apologies for failing to post the past couple of weeks.  My reason, er, excuse (sort of) is that I got a little overwhelmed with a couple of projects that demanded my attention.

First, I was expecting some guests for dinner one recent Sunday and I spent the week prior in blitzkrieg, super-cleaning mode getting my house ready for the occasion.


Every Nook and Cranny

Not only did I clean the windows of two years’ worth of grime (inside and out), but also the silver of several weeks of tarnish.  I dusted every piece of wood.  I vacuumed everything else, including the cat’s scratching post.  (I can be a bit obsessive-compulsive at times.)  I scoured the bathrooms and even washed down the litter box.  I steam- mopped the floors, cleaned the oven and the toaster oven and the top of the refrigerator.  I “febreeze-d” all the upholstery and the drapes and cleaned the silk plants with a special aerosol spray.  Basically, I did my spring cleaning.  Better late than never; officially it won’t be summer for a couple of weeks yet.

Once the cleaning was done I set the dining room table and did as much advance prep work on the menu as possible.


Family Matters

Second, a relative had asked me to contribute to a genealogy project several weeks earlier and I needed to finish that work.  For one thing, I had a bunch of old photos reproduced to include with the research.  The cost came to $116.59!   I hope that scores some points with my relatives!  Furthermore, I had paid for memberships to three genealogy websites before deciding that was as far as I wanted to go without spending any more.  Anyway, the actual research could be intense.  One day alone I sat down at the computer at 9 a.m. and by 6 p.m. I decided to call it quits.  My brain was fried—and I was still in my pajamas!   The job is almost done.  I just have to label the pictures and drop the whole lot in the mail.

On the subject of genealogy:  I have a friend who has been working with her husband on their genealogies for five years!  I’m not sure I want to know that much about my family.  On second thought, it might be fun to learn of some familial stage-robbing, cattle-rustling, black sheep. (Now there’s a picture worth a thousand words.)  Besides, I told my son Jake some time ago that I would help him learn more about his relatives; I just didn’t expect to have to start right away.


There’s Always a To-Do List

So, there you have it—my explanation for being away from the blog lately.  There were a couple of work details at the church, too, so things were pretty busy for a while.

Right now, the second of at least three loads of laundry is ready for the dryer, that wall arrangement involving hanging some shelves and pictures is still awaiting my attention, and I need to make a run to the grocery store and the post office.  Wednesday I have a hair appointment.  Thursday I’ll be in Dallas for my volunteer work.  The calendar is starting to fill up again but I’m definitely making time for writing.  A lot of ideas have been popping into my head and I need to get them down on paper before they leak out and disappear forever.



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